Dental Products

Once you have been fitted with your orthodontic appliance, it is important you take care of your teeth and braces to get the very best results from your treatment. We have the following products available to help you.

  1. Oral Health Kit
    After having your braces fitted, you will be given Oral health instructions. This kit contains a selection of the products that you will be shown during your instructions.
  2. Flouride Mouthwash
    Alcohol-free mouth wash is recommended by us for daily use to prevent tooth decay and white marks on your teeth.
  3. Interspace Brush
    A specially designed brush effective for cleaning under wires, gum margins, interdental spaces and around fixed/bonded retainers.
  4. Orthodontic Toothbrushes
    We stock a variety of brushes designed to use during treatment, including handy travel brushes.
  5. Disclosing Tablets
    Disclosing tablets contain vegetable dyes that will stain plaque red. This makes it easier for you to see any areas where you may be missing and brush it off. We recommend using these at least once a week.
  6. Orthodontic removable brace/retainer boxes
    When you are not wearing your removable braces or retainers for sports or eating, you can keep them safe in one of our boxes.
  7. Retainer Brite
    Cleans and freshens removable braces. Retainer Brite is a highly effective cleaner that kills bacteria and prevents bad odour forming on your retainers.
  8. Mouthguards
    Sports injuries can cause breakages of your braces and possibly teeth. These preformed mouthguards are easy to use and do not need to be moulded to your teeth. Custom made mouthguards are also available upon request.