Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are very simple devices which clip on to the teeth (usually the upper arch) and they can bring about simple movements such as moving a tooth forwards that is trapped behind the bite (i.e. in a ‘crossbite’). These tend to be used in simple orthodontic cases where a fixed brace (metal or ceramic) may not be a suitable choice or where a patient would rather a less invasive treatment. They are also used for young patients who are not yet ready for a comprehensive correction but need some early intervention to prevent other problems developing over time.

A removable appliance is made by taking an impression of the teeth which is then converted to a plaster model. From this, a skilled technician will manually form the acrylic and wires to the shape of the teeth in order that it applies pressure in the correct places.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How long do I need to wear my removable appliance for?
The length of time you need to wear it for will vary depending on the treatment but unless otherwise instructed, you should wear your removable appliance all through the day except when playing sports and cleaning the brace. Keep it in a hard plastic box when you are not wearing it.
2Is it painful?
Whilst removable appliances can feel very strange in the mouth they do not regularly cause pain. If the appliance is causing irritation of the tongue, cheek or gums it’s important that you contact us so we can fix the issue for you.
3Why am I drooling?
This is common for the first few days as your mouth will produce more saliva due to the appliance’s presence. You should find that after about 4 to 5 days your mouth has adjusted.
4What if the removable appliance breaks?
If any part of your removable appliance breaks it is very important to contact the Practice on 0203 815 5142 or via the website and arrange an emergency appointment. Any delay in doing this may lengthen your overall treatment time.