Your First Appointment

At your first appointment, it will be necessary to assess your need for orthodontic treatment

After an assessment, if you qualify for NHS treatment, you will be given an appointment to obtain records of your mouth which are normally x-rays and impressions. If you do not qualify, you will be offered the option of independent or private treatment. Orthodontic treatment may involve either fixed or removable braces or a combination, fitted to allow the teeth to settle into their new positions. It is vital these are worn to prevent post-treatment movement of the teeth. Certain conditions are best dealt with at an early age when the treatment is much easier and usually quicker. Intercepting problems at this stage prevents greater complications at a later time. However, treatment generally starts when most of the permanent teeth have come through. It is worth noting that certain types of treatment are only available privately, such as clear/ceramic braces, retreatment cases and all adult treatment.