Functional Appliances

Functional appliances are removable braces that work on the upper and lower teeth at the same time. For example, with an appliance known as a Twin Block, when you bite together the blocks on the braces fit together in a certain way that encourages your jaws to grow or move into the correct biting position. For this reason they are mainly used in growing patients (children ages 11-18) as they gain the most benefit from this technique. Functional appliances are one of the fastest and most effective methods to correct receding jaws or prominent teeth.

Whilst functional appliances are normally used on growing children there are specific cases where they may be used in adults. There are multiple different types of appliances that can either be removable or fitted for numerous cases where traditional braces cannot correct the problem. If you feel that you require a functional appliance, contact us today and arrange a consultation with one of our specialist orthodontists.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How much do I need to wear them?
The number of hours per day that you are expected to wear the functional appliance will be explained to you depending on your individual circumstances. For the treatment to work it is important you follow these instructions. With the correct number 
of hours of wear you will find the improvement in the position of your teeth can be quite dramatic.
2How might they affect me?
Your speech will be different. Practice speaking with the brace in place e.g. read out loud at home on your own, and in this way your speech will return to normal within a couple of days.
3What about tooth brushing?
It is important you brush well three times per day and use a fluoride toothpaste. If possible carry a brush with you for use after lunch. Take the brace out to clean your teeth. You should also gently brush the brace, taking care not to damage the wires. We sell a full oral hygeine kit at the practice and a range of individual products that may help.
4Can I eat normally?
You may not be able to eat with your functional appliance in place. You will be advised about this by your Orthodontist. If you have been told to take it out for eating, make sure it is placed in a tough plastic box for safekeeping. A suitable box will be recommended to you when you’re at the practice. For your orthodontic treatment to work well and in the shortest possible time it is important that you take care of your teeth and brace, and also follow the usage guidelines.
5Can I remove the brace?
The brace you are now wearing is removable but should only be removed 
for cleaning, unless you are otherwise advised. When it is not in your mouth it should be in its protective box. Do not click the brace in and out with your tongue as this will break the wires and increase the length of time the treatment will take.
6Do I still need to see my regular dentist?
Yes. It will be important you still have check-ups with your regular dentist throughout orthodontic treatment so that your teeth can be checked for decay.
7What do I do if my brace breaks?
Ring up for an appointment as soon as is reasonably possible on 0203 815 5142 or via our website. Do not wait for your next routine appointment as the breakage may slow your treatment or may result in damage to your teeth. If you repeatedly break your brace, treatment may be stopped (Under NHS guidelines and the standardised treatment agreement there is a reasonable allowance clause for breakages).