Our team offer NHS treatment to all patients who are younger than 18 years old, provided they demonstrate clinical need for treatment

We assess patients’ clinical need for treatment during their initial assessment at our practice by use of the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN).

The IOTN rates each patient as one of five grades:

Grade 1 
Almost perfect teeth. Not eligible.

Grade 2 
Minor teeth irregularities, such as slight asymmetry or mildly protruding teeth. Not eligible.

Grade 3 
Greater teeth irregularities that do not usually need treatment for health reasons, such as a deep bite that doesn’t affect the use of your jaw. These cases are judged on an individual basis, and therefore may be eligible for NHS treatment.

Grade 4 
Severe teeth irregularities that need treatment for health reasons, such as having more or less than the normal number of teeth. Eligible for NHS treatment.

Grade 5 
Severe dental health problems, such as the disruption of normal skull and/or jaw development, or a large number of missing teeth. Eligible for NHS treatment.

If you are not eligible for treatment under the NHS, we offer a complimentary Second Smile Check appointment, to discuss your private treatment options.